Our Map

Think about the last time you moved and the time it took you to get familiar with directions to the nearest supermarket, pharmacy or restaurant.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have pulled out my phone to search Google Maps for Da Mimmo e Francesca, a restaurant that is about 6 miles from our place but isn’t on a road we know well.  So I took a few hours this week to build a map that includes restaurants, bars, stores and various points of interest.  While I cannot vouch for the quality and value of all the restaurants, I can assure you I have done my home work and cross-referenced numerous sources that highly rate the places I have listed.  Over time we will add thoughts and reviews into the map as we try to experience them all in the coming months and years.

For now the map spans between Florence up to Asti in the Piedmont region.  Our friends Anne and Paul just bought a home in Piedmont and we are trying to figure out the halfway point between our places.  Luckily, the Asti region has a ton of wineries and some nice bars so we hope to meet them at these watering holes in the future.  I am realizing now that I forgot to include our visit to Rome so I’ll soon update the map with our favorite places from that trip.  I hope you find this map useful if you are traveling between Florence, Tuscany, Piedmont and soon Rome.  Otherwise, I hope it inspires you to plan a trip to Italy and enjoy the culture, delicious food and tasty wines.  Finally, if you’d like to recommend your favorite places please message me and I will add them….thanks.  Ciao!



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